Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Most of my professional life, my computer mouse has been my best friend. It was almost an extension of my hand. I cannot begin to tell you, though, how time-consuming this is. So, in order to save time and maximise your productivity, I’ve compiled 7 shortcuts that will make your life a lot easier and quick. 

  1. Delete an entire word without spamming backspace

Backspace must be one of the most ‘abused’ buttons on our keyboard. Instead of deleting letters one by one, why don’t you try this shortcut to delete whole words?

Windows: Control + Backspace 

Mac: Alt + Backspace

  1. Go back an entire word without deleting it

How many times have you found yourself typing something, then realising you made a typo 4 words back and deleting everything up until the typo? With this shortcut, you’ll be able to go back to your typo without rewriting everything again.

Windows: Control + Arrow Key 

Mac: Alt + Arrow Key 

  1. Close A Tab

Close your tab as soon as you’re done with this super easy shortcut. This means closing one tab and not the entire programme you’re on. 

Windows : Ctrl + W

Mac : ⌘ + W

What if you’ve closed your tab by accident? No problem. Reopen your closed tab by using the following. If you’ve closed more than one tab, continue tapping the “T” to open them in the reverse order in which you closed them.

Windows: CTRL + Shift + T 

Mac: ⌘ + Shift + T 

  1. Bookmark a Current Tab

Conducting research or just simply want to save some pages? You can do that easily just by tapping the following keys.

Windows : Ctrl + D

Mac: ⌘+D

  1. For Text Selection:

Instead of dragging your mouse to select words you may find it much easier to use the following keys. 

Windows: Ctrl + Shift ( → / ← )

Mac: ⌘ + Shift ( → / ← )

In order to select the entire line use the following keys:

Windows: Ctrl + Shift (up arrow / down arrow)

Mac: ⌘ + Shift (up arrow / down arrow)

  1. Cycle through all open applications

In order to browse through all your opened tabs and programmes, tap the following keys: 

Windows: Start + Tab

Mac: ⌘ + Tab

  1. Undo & Redo  

How many times do you undo something everyday? Well, I know it’s a lot. Instead of reaching for the undo button why not simply tap two keys?

To undo an action simply tap the following keys:

Windows: Ctrl + Z

Mac: ⌘ + Z

To redo an action tap the following keys:

Windows: Ctrl + Y

Mac: ⌘ + Z

Once you start practising these shortcuts it will become second nature to you. It will be less time consuming for you to manually perform these actions and your productivity levels will increase.  

By which shortcut were you most impressed about? 

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