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Our Process

At Cybeem, we embrace a customer-centric approach. For this reason, we’ve created our quotation process around the needs of our customers. First we’d be happy to offer a FREE consultation so that we can better understand your ambitions and visions regarding your project. Our expert team will also suggest and add to your thoughts just so that you get an idea of what can be done.

  1. Book a virtual appointment – Please complete the form above.
  1. Our team will get back to you within 24h with a confirmation email – They will either confirm your proposed date and time or in the event where they cannot attend, our team will suggest another time.
  1. On the day of our virtual appointment you will receive an email 10 minutes prior with the link of our meeting as well as instructions about how to connect.
  1. Project Details – During this appointment our expert team of web designers will ask you questions about your project and inform you about current IT trends in your industry, what will set you apart from competition and features that will skyrocket your business. 

This consultation overall aims to give you a more spherical understanding of the possibilities regarding your project and inform you about the latest trends and features.


To get a quote, you simply book a free virtual meeting with our expert web designers using the form above. During this short meeting, you’ll get chance to tell us more about your project while our expert staff will advise you on the best digital practises. By the end of the appointment, our web designers will take a note of all your requirements and create a quotation tailored to you.

Usually, websites are delivered in 3-5 weeks. Please note that certain websites may take longer.

Our dedicated team will be by your side to help you with all IT aspects. You can always count on us for any questions, clarifications or any updates you wish to implement.

A virtual appointment is a short meeting that happens online, usually on Google Meet. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your requirements, we’ll inform you about current IT trends in your industry, what will set you apart from competition and features that will skyrocket your business.

To book a virtual appointment, you simply fill in your information in the form above. Once you submit, one of our agents will read through your details and will call you to arrange the time of the virtual meeting.

The only thing we would advise you to do is think of your requirements and/or any questions you might want to ask us.

Our virtual consultations are 100% free.

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